Increase the number of participating shooters for your events Receive shooters feedback for your competitions Deliver club's invitations and info right into your clients hands


SHOOTING DAY Club Solution allows clubs to distribute personal invitations for shooting events on behalf of your Club. Invitations are being delivered to your subscribed shooters' smartphones as a push-message and a template event, right into the Shooting Day application. Also the Club Solution allows to send an info messages to your loyal subscribers.

Registration of a shooter to an event takes 3-5 seconds and requires a shooter only one tap in the Shooting Day mobile app. This is the one of the simplest and the quickest ways of engagement the shooting club audience as it requires minimum action from your client. 

Invitations and info messages are being delivered only to those mobile app users who are subscribed to your club at their own will - this is your loyal audience.
Shooting Day mobile app is free for shooters and is available in AppStore and Google Play. The app is constantly developing, it's recognized and popular among shooters. The number of users is constantly growing all over the world.
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