mobile app for clay pigeons shootingShooting Day is a free and easy-to-use score tracker for sportsmen clay shooters

Track and analyze your score for competition and practice clay shooting events. 
Made for shooters by shooters.
Capture everything influencing your sports performance. 

Find clay pigeon shooting range near you (based on GPS location).  Receive Clubs invitations for future events.

Manage your shooting performance having not only intuition but a powerful analytical tool with a full track record of your shooting career. Share your success in clay shooting with your friends!

Shooting Day allows you to track and analyze:
- your scores for competition and practice events
- visits to clubs and shooting grounds and statistics for each venue you’ve shot at
- statistics for all shotguns and cartridges you use
- your personal observations, notes and your coach comments
- weather, your mood, comfort, preparedness and your overall evaluation of an event

Most popular shooting sports are supported:
- Compak Sporting / FITASC
- English Sporting
- Sportrap / Five Stand
- Skeet shooting
- Trap shooting

Application does not require Internet connection and is ad-free